Let’s Meetup

Homeschool PDX is a group of homeschooling families in Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas that meet up for a vast range of homeschooling activities, field trips, and events. If you currently live somewhere near Portland or are considering moving to Portland, feel free to join us at www.meetup.com/Homeschool-PDX.



  1. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. I know public school isn’t a great fit for us and I’ve been worrying about it for years. I pulled my 3rd grader out in November. We’re winging it right now, veering right and then left and then right again, hopefully we’ll find our happy middle ground at some point. My 5th grader is still in public school, I feel sorry for him sometimes but don’t know if I could manage both of them every day all day, homeschooling one is a big step for me. I’m open to new ideas, curious to learn about other people’s journeys and experiences. Trying to break out of my box and learn to live in the moment, yet still painfully addicted to the safety of worksheets. Happy to meet up sometime, rain or shine.

  2. Hi!
    My family of 3 just moved to Troutdale and we’re looking for a homeschool group for friendship and field trips! I have a 3 and a half year old and would love to meet like minded families!

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