Who We Are

Lindsey Laughlin is the founder and organizer of Homeschool PDX, a homeschooling community in Portland, OR. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom to two precocious young children, she worked as a technical writer and electronics technician in the biotech industry. Her current passions include running, writing, and living the homeschooling lifestyle with her husband and children. She also enjoys country living and farm life and writes a personal blog about these topics and more at www.lindseyla.com.


Jennie Marable was born on the island of Oahu, and grew up on Long Island, NY. Moving steadily westward ever since, she plans to hit the Pacific Ocean and keep going. Her interests include living the beautiful life on one and a half modest incomes, roamschooling, books, books, and more books, hors d’oeuvres, and learning to whistle before she dies. Married to the world’s most patient man, together they are raising boy-girl twins who love green olives, Johnny Cash, and winking.


Emma Branigan is a previous writer for Homeschool PDX. She currently is kept busy organizing multiple homeschool groups in the Portland area. Although we miss Emma’s writing on the the blog, we continue to support her homeschooling leadership in the community and appreciate the time she spent with us!

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Annie Hundley is an Oregon native and lives in North Portland with her husband, Ian, and two children, Ellie and August. She worked as a newspaper reporter and editor in Vermont, Colorado, and California before becoming a mom and has a BA in journalism from the University of Portland. In addition to a deep love of travel she shares with her family, Annie is passionate about health and nutrition, spending much of her time creating in the kitchen and never making a recipe the same way twice.



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