Creating a Homeschool ID Card

If your kids are not yet old enough to be officially registered as homeschoolers (and obtain official homeschool ID cards) it is still possible to make and use ID cards yourself. There is a world of perks and discounts available to educators and homeschooled students, so I highly recommend having an ID card on-hand to prove that you are indeed an educator when you are out-and-about.

Here is how I made mine before receiving my official cards from the county this year.

  1. I used the Big Huge Labs website to upload a photo and some personal information to their easy-to-use badge template.
  2. When I was satisfied with the layout, I printed my ID card on cardstock and laminated it. To make life extra easy, I used Scotch Self-Laminating Pouches.

Voila, my ID card was complete:


Here are some ideas about where you can use your card for educational discounts and I will write a follow-up post soon with details about where I’ve been able to use mine.

If you have an educator ID card and experiences to share about where you’ve been able to use it, please take a moment to comment!

Thanks 🙂


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