The Bodelin ProScope Microscope – An Indispensable Homeschool Tool!

Last year at one of my daughter’s Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) science classes, her teacher whipped out the coolest iPad attachment ever – a Bodelin ProScope Micro Mobile Microscope. Jeya was dissecting owl pellets at the time, and her teacher brought out the microscope in order for her and her classmates to take a closer look at the bones they were extracting from the pellets. She (and I) were mesmerized by the details of the little mouse mandible we saw, and I was particularly blown away by the clarity of the image on the iPad screen. I swore then and there that I would track one of these microscopes down for our homeschool, and just last month I finally did.


The microscope attaches to a frame that snaps onto whatever device you are using. I purchased frames for both my iPad Air and my iPhone 5S. We spent the first day zooming in on our clothes, figuring out if the fabrics we wore were knit or not:

IMG_0185IMG_4555 IMG_4558 IMG_4556

Then we looked at our writing utensils and books:


Next, full of enthusiasm and excitement, we headed out onto our land to collect natural objects to analyze. We used gloves to collect coyote poop (full of small animal bones) as well as chunks of elk hair. After soaking the bones in a bleach solution, we took the following pictures:


IMG_4540 IMG_0232 IMG_0203 IMG_0205 IMG_0209 IMG_0208

The last two pictures show calcium structures in the femur bone of a rodent … this is where the marrow of a live animal would be. So cool!

Here is the chunk of elk hair we found viewed through a regular lens:


And here is a picture of it through the ProScope:


This is a pic of my daughter’s hair compared to the elk hair:


And the fun doesn’t stop there!

My son, who is almost three, has a rock collection. He happily contributed his rocks to our scientific study. The only picture I have available at the moment is of his special red rock which he calls his “Jupiter Rock”:


When we zoomed in close, we were able to see granules of something on it … I’m not sure what but I am ready to find out!

Overall, I am SO happy with this homeschool purchase. My kids already have a greater sense of the intricacies of the world around them because of the few “experiments” we’ve done, and the possibilities are limitless with this simple tool.

Here is a website that describes different microscopes for home use. The ProScope Micro Mobile has the benefit of being mobile – you can snap it onto your iPhone wherever you are and take pictures of whatever you are looking at. No one is paying me to say this, by the way (although I wish someone were!) I just can’t help but want to share my exuberance with you all. Check out the ProScope if you’re searching for a microscope and let me know what cool things you do with it in your homeschool!

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