Education on Vacation

Arguably one of the greatest perks of homeschooling is that family travel is not dictated by school vacations. When everyone else flocks to warm places during Spring break, homeschoolers are wise enough to stay home – why deal with airport, beach, and hotel crowds when vacation can be taken any time of the year?

With this in mind, we headed to Los Angeles last week to visit family. And to be honest, I didn’t give much thought to what we would do for school once we got there – this was going to be a “real” vacation! However, when we arrived – and our itinerary slowly presented itself – I realized that there were just too many good learning opportunities to completely put a hiatus on school. Without planning anything, these are ten things I spontaneously did to keep my kids engaged in learning:

1) Counted hundreds of stairs (math)


2) Studied airplanes (science)

3) Studied prehistoric animals (for history and science) at a local museum


4) Identified plants (science)

5) Wrote stories (language arts) during quiet times at our hotel


6) Studied minerals (geology) at another local museum


7) Went swimming and studied tides (physical education and science)

8) Visited a Unitarian temple (spiritual studies)


9) Fed turtles and ducks and figured out what food each preferred (nature studies)


10) Went hiking (physical education)

IMG_1546And I’m sure I could list many more things, but you get the idea. Nearly every travel experience can be converted into an easy lesson (and is, whether or not we consciously realize it).

I’d love to hear what things you have done to make your travels more educational – please let me know in the comments section!

One comment

  1. Seeing the museum – brought back child memories to me. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve been back home to Cali but the museums always stay the same. Thank u for the nice pictures.

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